[][src]Struct tensorflow::SessionOptions

pub struct SessionOptions { /* fields omitted */ }

Options that can be passed during session creation.


impl SessionOptions[src]

pub fn set_target(&mut self, target: &str) -> Result<(), NulError>[src]

Set the target.

target can be empty, a single entry, or a comma separated list of entries. Each entry is in one of the following formats :

  • "local"
  • ip:port
  • host:port

pub fn set_config(&mut self, config: &[u8]) -> Result<()>[src]

Set the config.

config should be a serialized ConfigProto proto. Returns an error if config was not parsed successfully as a ConfigProto.

impl SessionOptions[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Creates a blank set of options.

Trait Implementations

impl Drop for SessionOptions[src]

impl Debug for SessionOptions[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !Send for SessionOptions

impl !Sync for SessionOptions

impl Unpin for SessionOptions

impl UnwindSafe for SessionOptions

impl RefUnwindSafe for SessionOptions

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